6 things to do in New York

1. Brunch at Bagatelle
The new brunch craze in Manhattan, where people ditch Saturday night to have a boozy Sunday brunch instead. Book a table at Bagatelle in the Meatpacking district, enjoy a French inspired menu, and why not have a cocktail or two?! In the afternoon, the black curtains are drawn, the dj turns up the music, and its a pumping nightclub!
things to do in new york
Starts from 12.00
2. Walk the Highline
A converted train line, previously used for freight, the skyline provides great views on the city’s West Side, starting at Ganesvort street in the Meatpacking district and goes up to West 34th Street.
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things to do in new york
Things to do in New york
3. Do some celeb spotting
Near the Grand Central station, I noticed major streets barricaded off, masses of police cars and undercover SUVs swarming the streets, sirens blaring.  I wondered what on earth the commotion was for? And then I saw the Cadillac with the American flags.  Barak Obama! How cool to be so close to him in NYC.

Later that day, walking towards the Met, I noticed a woman very prettily dressed. I was so busy noticing the gorgeous fabric she wore, but glanced up quickly to see her face.  Hello Helena Christensen! If you are going to see famous people, NYC is not bad!

4. Bridal shopping in the Big Apple
Not normally on the ‘to do’ list, however, I was visiting an Australian friend, who was planning her wedding. She was having a hard time with a dress maker who wasn’t understanding her vision at all, and thus was considering a dress off the rack.    Interesting to see how wedding dresses in the US are competitively priced in comparison to Australia.  I came with my friend to the dress fitting in the garment district, between between 5th and 9th, from 32nd to 42nd street.   We planned to quickly do this during lunchtime, before dashing off to the play Warhorse.  We ran out of time after waiting more than one hour.   Both disappointed after not seeing the dress on, we came back later just in time, to see the dress on.

We then visited a fabric shop down the road, to sort out the type of silk for the hand made dress, only to discover that the designer was way off the mark with her choice of 2nd grade fabric, for a dress that should ultimately be the most special dress in a girl’s life.  This was an interesting insight to the district, and how you need to roll for getting your wedding dress in order in NYC.
5.If you have the time, consider the ballet. It was very easy to select seat tickets and buy tickets online.
Ballet in New York, things to do

5. Cycle around Grand Central Park
A great way to orient yourself in this city, pop past Carrie’s house in Sex in the City and why visit the famous Seinfield restaurant.
Bike riding in New York, things to do in New York