Crepes, crepes, crepes…

Learning french verbs and grammar at school got a little tedious, but there was one day a year I looked forward to, when the Crepe man would visit us at school.   This enabled a different type of learning, a very important one, the appreciation of the french food culture.  I was fascinated by the one man show crepe man, who made delicious crepes right in front of our eyes.

Before moving to Paris, I could never imagine having a savoury crepes, with cheese, eggs and ham etc.   What is better than a crepe with nutella and cream anyway? My opinion soon changed after discovering some creperies in Paris…

I tried the traditional, Creperie Josselin, a popular restau in a street filled with creperies, the closest metro is Edgar Quinet. There was a queue on arrival always a trusting sign, this passed quickly.  The decor is of Breton style, filled with dark wood and traditional lace touches. It was impressive watching the crepes been made in front of you in the open kitchen.  I ordered a Crepe Josselin, a buckwheat crepe of mushrooms, eggs and different types of cheese.  The service was excellent, and food came within 10 minutes. We went traditional, drinking cider as they do in Brittany.

West Country girl– Metro Parmentier

The small creperie is a little hidden, down some side streets, making it a perfect place to enjoy some quiet away from the Parisian streets. I tried a crepe with scrambled eggs, salmon and chives, and a sweet crepe of caramel butter sauce accompanied with ice cream and a poached pear for dessert.  It was delicious.

Breitz cafe– Le Marais
Always seems to be busy with a queue at the front, this cafe has beautiful traditional crepes.

Framboise Creperie– Metro Franklin Roosevelt

The ambiance is lovely and the waiters are friendly.  If you fancy a traditional meal off the touristy Champs Elysees, look no further. I tried a rich crepe here for a Friday lunch with my colleages; raclette cheese, potatos, eggs and proscuitto in a buckwheat crepe.  I was still full at dinner time.

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