Secrets of Paris

This post is dedicated to some discoveries I had in Paris, that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Romantic city of lights, Paris!

1. Les bain douches

there is a building near between the Oberkampf station in the 10th arrondissement , that was where the poor Parisians would come for a shower.

2. Immigrants

There is a staggering amount of immigrants in Paris, coming from colonies in Africa.  20% of Parisian population comes from African immigrants. Immigrants from africa with their colourful dresses. i lived near the north of paris where there are lots of immigrants.  contributed to cheapest markets in Paris..alot of exotic food from africa was in the areas, dates, olives, eggs, all at very affordable prices.

3. Lack of space

Paris is one of the most cramped cities in the world.  there is a famous postcard that shows the size of Australia and the size of Europe, so you can get an idea of the huge population of Europe in comparison to the small population of Australian and get an appreciation of the different standard of personal space!.  Paris is cramped and apartment size are naturally a lot smaller that what you would find in Australia.  I lived in a tiny studio in Paris, where I the shower was so close to my tiny kitchenette that i could boil my eggs while having  shower!! i think the lack of personal space in Paris adds to making this a more stressful city.  and for people living there its important to escape the busy city to have relaxing weekend away.

4. Tabac

French smoke a lot in case you don’t realise and have a dedicated shop, ‘the tabac’ for this.

french are totally offay with queuing, and there are normally queues for buying cigarettes from the Tabac.



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