Escape to Deauville –Trouville

beach, deauville, parisian rivieria

Deauville resembles a romantic postcard from a long lost era, with long stretches of shoreline and misty clouds making its scenery so picturesque.  On the beach you will find many beach umbrellas neatly decorating the shore and gorgeous Norman style mansions line the wide streets around the beach.

The famous beaches of Deauville and Trouville have being frequented by Parisians for years, and it’s well known as the ‘Parisian Riveria’ or otherwise as the ‘queen of the Norman beaches.’  It is also the most convenient beach escape for Parisians, so it’s no wonder they flock here throughout the year to for some fresh air

norman style mansions, deauville

Deauville is a hot spot for the wealthy and high society families, who invest in the Norman style mansions with beach views. Coco Chanel opened her first boutique for leisure-wear in Deauville in 1913. YSL favoured Deauville as a place to unwind from the stresses of life in Paris.

How to get there

The coastline is now more accessible with the extension of the freeway, making the trip only 1.5 hrs from Paris and also with a convenient train station in the town centre. Book trains here.

To do

There is much to do in Deauville, enjoy long walks on the stunning beaches or some people watching in the beach cafes.

Watch horse races at the Hippodrome or try some golf in the lush courses over looking the beaches.

The shopping is chic with beautifully presented high-end boutiques shops. Some of the famous brands are Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Dior and Sonia Rykiel.

Deauville is a small village, making it very easy to navigate and see everything in one weekend.

cafe culture, deauville

Where to stay

Normandy-Barrière is a Tudor style hotel, situated on the beach.  It is one of the most striking hotels I have seen, built in 1912.  Prices will set you back 349 euros per night, for a double room.

 Hotel Normandy Barriere


It’s easy to walk from Deauville to Trouville.  Trouville has a slightly more relaxed atmosphere.  Many families play on the beaches and frequent the down to earth restaurants located near the beachfront.

In the Belle Époque era, painters and writers such as Flaubert and Monet, frequented the areas seeking inspiration in the beautiful seaside surroundings.    The village retains its practicality as a fishing village, selling many types of fish.

beach, deauville-trouville

To do

It’s worth visiting the market at Trouville, which is open on Wednesday and Sundays.  The seafood is amazing with the most impressive St Jacque (scallops) I have ever seen.

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