Moving back to Melbourne

I left Paris 4 weeks ago, stopped past New York for an amazing ten days. I joined to keep practising French and I’m amazed by the wide range of people I have met already. I started my own French meetup group  in Melbourne, for french nationals or Aussies wanting to improve their language.  It has been a rewarding experience so far.  I met a French girl from Bordeaux and together we brainstormed to do a French cuisine teaching workshop for the French foodies out there on

I imagine Australians would be excited to learn about French cooking, from a French girl of the south-west, a region famous for its gastronomy. Attendees should just be charged a small fee to cover the cost of the kitchen hire, the food and a nice couple of glasses of wine. The first theme for the meetup may be appropriately cuisine of the south-west. So dishes of foie gras,  nice red wine and perhaps a chocolate tart…

French movies. I was pleased to watch Les Intouchables again in Melbourne with English subtitles, for the first time. This was the third time watching it, however the other times were in France. I understood most of it the first time, the second time was better as someone explained details for me. The third however, revealed a couple more intricate details that I initially missed.

The movie was a success at the box office, with the highest number of box offices sales in France, after Bienvenue chez les ch’tis.   It’s a timeless story that can appeal to all, how an unlikely friendship forms between two men from completely different walks of life. A millionaire paraplegic and a poor man from the Parisian suburbs, who by some stroke of his luck, creates a lasting impression at a job interview and ends up working with this man.

Monsieur Lazar, another great film originating from Quebec this time. The story of how a classroom comes to learn and react about their classroom teacher committing suicide. There is a twist to watch out for, only revealed towards the end of the film. This sad and beautiful story is sensitively told.

I miss Paris, meeting French people and immersing myself in the French language. But, it’s nice to know that I can keep exploring the culture and language from Melbourne, and in better weather!

3 thoughts on “Moving back to Melbourne

    • Yes it did exceptionally well at the box offices in France, one of the best sellers in fact. ‘Bienvenue les ch’tis’ was another big hit at the box office, i recommend buying this one if you can.

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