Culinary delights of Corsica

Hiring a car is normally a great way to see the island of Corsica, however, not hiring a car due to an expired license, actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Been stranded between cities, enabled us to focus in on the one important goal of finding the best restaurants, Michelin starred if possible!

Porto Vecchio
Taking the over night ferry from Marseille to Bastia, we easily found the bus to go south of the island. We needed to get to Bonifacio but the bus only went as far as Porto Vechio. So stranded between villages, we decided to taste the cuisine of the south… Situated on a large terrasse, over looking the beach, Le Bistro is decked out like you could be on an old, luxurious boat, with opulent wood decor and an old ship wheel.

The food was exceptional, good enough to go back another time. Foie gras with raspberry sauce was my entree. A nice mix of sweet and savoury, the lightness of the raspberry balancing the richness of the foie gras. The main was a local fish on a bed of black quinoa -making for an original presentation. Wine was a Corsican local,Domaine Fuimicicoli. I’m no wine connoisseur, but I loved this one and found the same in a local charcuterie shop so I could buy some bottles for Paris.

For dinner, we found ‘Chez Ange’ by random, as the restaurant of choice (with the Lonely Planet French equivalent creds) was closed. In the old town located on top of the cliff, the newly opened ‘Chez Ange’ proved to be the surprise restau of the trip. The waiter and owner impressed us with a detailed menu, red by heart. You sensed his expertise in the manner he spoke about the courses, taking care to explain every detail. An old boucherie-converted- restaurant, we also felt the owners’ dedication and passion that all his customers’ enjoy the simple pleasure of fine cuisine and good service.

As entree, we ordered mussels in a garlic sauce and an impressive avocado roll stuffed with prawn mixture-both great with exceptional presentation.

Chez Ange is known for fish, I tried the local fish recommended by him, which was excellent.

We tried another local white wine and had a strawberry fraise cake for dessert.

‘Excellent rapport qualite prix,’ great value for money at 50 euros each. I doubt finding the same price in Melbourne for full service dining.

Both accomodation in the mountains and by the beach are pleasant. It was suprisingly nice staying amongst the mountains, you get the feeling you could be lost or deserted, as there is just wild bush and mountains surrounding you. It’s peaceful. The nature is really wild; the masses of brightly coloured flowers and over grown cactuses caught my attention.

Trekking would be great to see the stunning natures of Corsica; the island that is actually the most mountainous of all Mediterranean isles. The GR20 is the name of a reputable 2 week walk from the south to north of Corsica. For more information, see fact sheet

Corsica has a lot to offer for a holiday, in terms of beautiful nature, great gastronomy, waters sports and culture. For more information see the official tourism site.

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