Deguisement et les francais, oui bien sur

‘Le Bal de Princesses’

If you are invited to a dress up party in France, you better be in costume; the French take these seriously! A friend of mine invited me to Le  Bal de Princesses, at the nearby the Bois de Boulogne.
I found a costume on the day of the party,very easily. I started in Monmartre, as there are lots of ’tissu’ material and costume shops there.  I told the shop assistant what I wanted, and she kindly told me for princesses it was the shop across the road.   Fake corsets in a range of colours, all different type of skirts, tiaras, lacy gloves, masks, fascinators, it was costume shop heaven!

I started trying on outfits in the makeshift changing room.  I settled on a long, layered black tulle skirt and a black and silver corset, accessorised with long black lacy gloves, and a tiara.  I bought this for 80 euros, a bargain.  We were lucky to stumble across the shop, meaning we could go home at lunchtime and relax like proper princesses before our party!

A couple of champagnes later, we were ready for the ball and full of anticipation. We walked up the red carpet leading to the pretty, pink fairytale chateau.  Looking around I felt transported back to the time of noblemen and princesses, with edgy pirates thrown in there to spice things up. Princesses played hide and seek to suitors, behind their masks, while court jesters tried to impress with their charms, the atmosphere was electric, and there was much to discover amongst the many colourful characters at this party…
Don’t miss Le  Bal de Princesses in 2013, for an unforgettable night of music, dance and spectacular costumes in a gorgeous Paris location.

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