A Very French New Year – Au Ski

For my first NYE in France, the one place I wanted to go, to take advantage of the cold weather was the Alpes.   I was invited by a French friend to stay in an apartment on the mountain of Flaine, in the Savoie region.  Driving there took 7 hours from Paris, a train is a quicker alternative,with a station 30 minutes from the mountain.

A keen skier in Australia, of course I was in heaven and hugely impressed by the massive mountain ranges in France. I found it relaxing to watch the world go by from the window of the 8th floor, watching the tiny skiers skiing down the huge mountains.   As all the mountains are so close together in this region, you can easily get onto an entirely different mountain by taking a couple of ski lifts.  So you will never get bored of skiing the same run more than once!

Another joy of the Alpes is the French food! I was in safe hands with the Frenchies here, I tried raclette;  melted mountain cheese that is scraped off the utensil and served with charcuterie and vegetables. A more varied meal, and not as rich as cheese fondu, the raclette is ideal for the cold mountains.

I tried Norvege Omelette on NYE, a dessert of ice-cream and sponge cake coated with meringue, its cooked quickly in a hot even to set the meringue.  The cake was flambeed with rum, making it even more delicious, plus a cool lighting effect.  The dessert was originally made in the cold Norwegian winters.

The French know how to do the Apres ski well too, of course.  The local pub served one metre shots drinks, ten shots can fit onto one metre, in case you’re wondering.  I discovered my new favourite shot, the Rastafari.

The mountains are well equipped so even the non-skier can have a good time. Flaine was no exception, with many restaurants and bars in the village and at the bottom of ski runs; cinemas, beauty salon and childcare for the little ones.

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