Une latté, s’il vous plait

Specialised Coffee shops in Paris
After living in Paris for 6 months, the thing I miss most about my hometown Melbourne, is without a doubt, the coffee.  Finding a perfect latté is no easy task in Paris. Normally I have to settle for a double expresso with, ‘avec un peu du lait.’ But that doesn’t cut it when I compare the high standards of the coffee culture in Melbourne, that I have become so used to.  The other alternative is paying 9 euros for some kind of fake cappucino in a stuffy hotel, which really won’t do either.

So where does the latte lover like me find her coffee fix in the City of Lights? Luckily, I was introduced to a great café, Kooka Boora, from a review in the Melbourne Age Epicure. A modern cafe, the menu includes quiches, panninis, muffins, juices,smoothies and organic fruits,bought by the kilo. On the coffee front, the quality is excellent, with an extensive menu of Americanos, lattés, cappucino, long black, flat white and mochachinos.

Kooka Boora is on a corner, away from the business of Monmartre. The cafe fills up easily, with friends and families catching up over a coffee, artists/students on their laptops; the energy here is inviting. It’s a perfect hideaway to indulge in great coffee. Open all days; closest metro is Pigalle. Average coffee is 4 euros. Wifi is also available.  

I discovered another great cafe a little hidden, down a tiny laneway, near Place de Clichy, (in the 18th arrondisement). I was surprised to find such a trendy cafe, in a busy, ‘populaire’ area in Paris. Le Bal Cafe is an enjoyable escape from the choas and noise of the surrounding streets. The British owners clearly take pride in their coffee, the standard here is exceptional.
Check out menu here

2 thoughts on “Une latté, s’il vous plait

  1. I agree, the coffee in Paris is very disappointing! This is a city that cares so much about good cuisine, yet it allows coffee to be neglected. I’ll be looking forward to trying the cafe mentioned next Summer……

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